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2019 Rockin' The Desert Mud Run 

Come get dirty with us!!!

August 24, 2019

Horsemen's Center Apple Valley


Did you know that by participating in the Rockin’ The Desert Mud Run, you are contributing to an amazing non-profit program?  The Apple Valley Police Activities League (A.V.P.A.L.) was founded in 2003, and was created to unite law enforcement and communities by providing youth programs which develop discipline, positive self-image, mutual trust and respect.  Each year, A.V.P.A.L. works with about 200 kids…think about that…200 kids!  That’s 200 lives that are being led in the right direction, given a leg-up in the world.  What a difference that makes in one community!

A.V.P.A.L. offers several different programs to youth in the Town of Apple Valley.  After school programs are held at the Youth Center and Boxing Gym.  A.V.P.A.L. also manages the intervention program known as S.H.O.C.K. for kids at risk.  These programs were developed after seeing a need for children of the community to learn proper skills to be successful and productive members of society. 

A.V.P.A.L. is funded by support from the community, grants, through a partnership with the Town of Apple Valley and the Apple Valley Police Department, and by hosting awesome events such as the Rockin’ The Desert Mud Run.  This year marks the third year A.V.P.A.L. has hosted this event and we are so excited to be able to continue this tradition.  With this, comes the challenge of running this event with the mindset of conservation.  We understand the responsibility we all have as a community to manage our water use, and fully appreciate the importance of conservation.  With that being said, while keeping the FUN in the RUN, we will have fewer mud pits.  Don’t think for a minute that means it will be less challenging!  We will still have mud pits, obstacles, and of course, our ice bath.

Please remember, the kids of our community will reap the benefits of your participation in this event.  We look forward to seeing you all there on August 19th!  Just a reminder, T-shirts and medals are only guaranteed to the first 1,000 registrants/finishers.  Get ready to get dirty! 


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